Here you can see a selection of works I have done in the last year and I am proud of. Some of them were done for school purposes but others were done for clients. The last one is actually a website I used to get into Creative Hill College.

Game animations

These animations are made for a game me and my friends are workning on. It's also my first attempt for making any sort of gaming animations. Made them in Aseprite.

My sketches

I started drawing in 2021 and ever since that I've been trying to improve myself. I draw for fun and as a hobby but in the future I want to make videogame animations and charecter designs for games. You can see more of my artworks Here


I do photography as a hobby but I also take commisions.

Hire me

If your're in any way interested in the stuff I do, don't hasitate in contacting me on my business mail and I'm sure we'll agree on something.

[email protected]